These days..

The days are confusing. Every brand new day, gives me a brand me thoughts. Life do bring a lot of bittersweet. It can never be complete without the other, never.

Everyone have been endlessly asking me how am I, and all I can tell them is that I take a day at a time. Always. I burnt my fingers before, and certainly I am not going to be stupid again. Andrew brought and continued to bring wonderful memories, and I am happy girl just like that.

Daily calls from him and every single laughter I had with him, is good enough for me. Or the fact that,  my little angsty and always dulan food critic bring  me to the best places to nom nom nom! Not to mention the little surprises he showers.

Like what Menghooi said, “I can tell that he cares.” BUT (Haha it always have to have that but).. he is playful. And I don’t deny every single bit of it. Sometimes, it is fine like that cause we are always teasing and sharing a lot of good laughs together, other times. Let just say I do hope for some “transparency assurance”.

But that is the joy of life isn’t it? To have life filled with every colours, even with the hues of greys. Life have already brought me this far, and so what more to another hue of colour. I recall, the 2 years after. I do have to admit that my life was so much more, than how I have started. I remembered what life gave me, rather than being cooped up in that tiny shell. I remembered the people I met, played and grown from. And finally, the people I met, bond and love. I remembered the days so colourful and the nights are equally vibrant.

I know Andrew is already trying his very best to assure me in every single sense. I know the little things he does for me, and how I am presented out to his friends or the affections he had. But things like this, do take time. I do see a change in him, but things like these, is about compromise and not change.

I love him for what he is not because of how he can be change.

I have told him that once before, and it does make sense. He knows, that I am ever prepared. Especially how I swore myself to keep these 2 boys in the “friends zone”. But they are more than that, they are almost family, together with the girls naturally.

He knows.

Colours. What more you can ask for, except for more.


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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