Nom Nom to happiness

Last night, Baby took me on a food trail in Geylang. Cause I had amazing sudden cravings, and asked him to bring me somewhere new to explore. And naturally, he is all game. It is after his favourite past time.

So we went walking on those dirty dingy roads, trying to find great food, other than their famed 126 Dim Sum, and Frog Leg Porridge. HE brought me to this awesome M’sian restaurant that sells like the best hokkien mee ever. It was that good, that for a person who don’t eat those crispy lard, those lards were HEAVEN. And their delicious double boil soup, is FANTASTIC. But sadly it was too much for us, all in all we each had 5bowls of the soup.

He wanted me to try the famous pork ball noodles, but we couldn’t find a table so he whipped out his phone to google for something new for the both of us. And tuck in this very dark dingy lorong, hidden away from the bustling crowd, we found this zichar store that was swamped with people. We ordered their famous san lou beehoon. And at 1st sight we went “Oh that was it?” But looks can be deceiving.

Delicious, and definitely coming back for more of their stuff.

Stuffed and full, and initially wanted to go on for more (but as I said the soup took half of our stomachs), so I suggested ice cream, cause I am craving for something sweet to end the night. Off we went to Bugis for the Ah Chew Dessert, tabao some good stuff back cause the place was beyond packed.

Thinking about last night, made me drool some more. And of course contemplating on whether I should throw the diet plan, I stick onto so dearly for the past 4-5months. But I guess, it is okay to binge once in a blue moon.

And besides, I have my to help me finish whatever I can’t.


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