I swear I am disgusted but a particular person. I shall not name you shame you, but those who knows who I am talking about, will definitely get it. We knew that you are particular with money, but not in the million years think that you are that stingy.


It all started with cry help to your friends, to help out. Not that they mind, but it is highly unusual, who ask their guest to help out? Seriously? Have you ever played host? That doesn’t matter, but things are leading from one thing to another. You decided to throw a huge clubbing night out to impress, but certainly do you expect people to pay?


Seriously, and everything backfired, which is EXPECTED PLEASE. When I hear who were coming, I already knew it and forewarned. But no one listen, as usual, for what do a single lady know about anything. And then the truth came out, and THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO COVER ALL THE DRINKS FOR YOU?


I swear, your planning and organising skills SUCKED big time. And all you think about is the fact that you want to impress your girlfriend’s friends. If you want to do that, fucking do it the right way. Thank you very much. And please, it is fucking insulting to say “Yeah they are young, what can I do? You too have a young girlfriend, look at her.”

Fucking asshole, a girl remembers and you are in my fucking black book.

That didn’t end at all, you organised the party and yet you are the 1st to fucking leave the place. My girlfriends saw it, and were utterly disgusted as well. How can a host leave 1st without making sure all of their friends are okay? Do you know your dearest friends were not, and I have to do your job, for you. Not that I mind, but your basic courtesy is seriously lacking. You didn’t even bother to check on them. Nothing, at all. And my girlfriends, people who don’t even know you, complain to me about you.

What does that fucking show? Think overgrown man, THINK.

I have let that incident passed, for over a month,and now your bullshit have started all over again. If you want to party, do it the fucking right way. Don’t tell me you don’t want to drink, so you refused to pay. That is fucking bullshit, who drinks just water in the club, are you talking about Belvedere as just water. You are wasting my fucking guestlist, and I don’t entertain people like you.

Please pay for your own entrance, and do it right. For yourself and your girlfriend. Cause if there is any bullshit, I WILL JUST GO HOME, you can take my list, and officially make yourself looked like a huge ass loser.

You spoil my TGIF morning, Thanks (:


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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