Wet Weekend, Tam arh!

This weekend, just went by so fast, especially when you are having a lot of fun, with your favourite people.

Although, I had moments of PMS where I was majorly being so angsty with most trying to climb on top of my head.Urghhhh.. This is the last time I will be saying this shit.So please do listen up.

“I am not anyone’s bitch. I am not anyone’s PA. I do favours doesn’t mean you are allowed to demand. And certainly, I am not your problem solver. So fuck off you annoying people.

Friday dinner with the boys before ending the night early at Balacava,to celebrate Jason Shen’s birthday. We had some nice Spanish food Don Quijote, followed by an awesome Banana Split at Ben and Jerry’s (got to love that place). Supposed to be a Filter, but clearly wasn’t in the mood for a night out. So why bother to go there and pretend? And beside, what is night out without my girls.

Saturday, had a good catchup session with Shin, bitching about our lives and how we wished we lead a perfectly normal one. Hahaha, so you can imagine how epic our lives are.Morton’s M bar is LOVE LOVE LOVE,the chocolate Martini spells SEX all over. From the outlook, to the chocolate and finally sex in the mouth taste,simple just screamed orgasm. After a good evening out, we headed out to USS Halloween Horror Nights 2, with the twins and friends.

I swear, that boy made me lose my soul. I was scared shit, cause the target was obviously me. From the start to the finish, he sure did have his fun. And I finally have a taste of that amazing ride,Galactica, which just left me colourless. HAHAHA I swear I just looked so retatrded on the snapshot. But the night was good old fun, with my love affair with the boys.

As they say, it is like me having 2boyfriends at one go. One to fill Andrew’s place whenever he is away for a work trip.

Sunday, What a wet wet Sunday, we each spent it working. First with me at Sunset Way, and next with him at his office with a customer. So I had to wait patiently for him, trying to read some notes but some mosquitoes was trying to suck the living life out of me. Urghhhh, so I engaged in a battle with them,trying swapped them to death.


Late lunch before heading to Orchard in such a wet weather. Had awesome Japanese dessert for tea at Paragon, before slowly walking around aimlessly, looking for things to buy. We were too full for dinner, so the boy brought me to his favourite place, Geylang (other being Chinatown) for a good foot rub down, after a night of crazy waiting at USS. Bliss, literally.

I am just simply pampered by him thoroughly always.

P.S. Thanks for the Spa vouchers,sweetheart. Just made me smile, that you thought of me, even though you can’t do it with me.


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