Happy Halloween 2012

So much have happened, and I am still on the same emotional roller coaster ride. It is highly annoying, and I don’t seem to function very well. And furthermore, the weather is not really helping me, at all. What is up with the crazy sun, and immense heat and rising temperature?! Not to mention,the constant eating, and non-stop food binging.

If you can’t recognise me, you know why. I am beyond hope and looking like an absolute snowman, large and disgusting.

Anyways, it is the end of the month and all I can say that, there is numerous ups and downs. But I am handling it nicely, just maybe. Can’t say that most of those random ramblings are solved and over with, but at least I allow everything to happen for a reason. (I know, I am seriously not making sense) I tear more, I laugh more, I think more, I express more. Basically, I try not to hide so much anymore. Not sure it works, but at least it is for myself.

Anyways, it seems that I have come to terms with this chapter of my life. I have come to terms, understanding that I can’t forced myself to change, and neither can I try to change how his family view me. All I can do, is to come to terms, and admit to never commit. And eventually just move on, to the next chapter when the time is up. I know it doessound scary, but I really think that I have given everything a lot of thought. The mere thought or flashback, have instil fear, that I know I am different.

Poor teddy boy, for getting most of the hit.

The weekend was such a blast. And all I can say is WE ARE FUCKING EPIC. Spammed the drinks, food,pictures, laughter and more. I do have to admit,I was annoyed with Andrew that night, for taking me like I am just everybody else.

I don’t need to feel like I am disposable. Thank you very much.

But no matter (: My girlies are there to make it all right, but 1st making me drink and seconda parading with me onto the street with out massive hair, which I am so in love with it. Andy left for Butterfactory to entertain A.C. (and Andrew didn’tbother to drop by), while we spent our lovely time at Mink, being the “celebrities” of the night. Our hair is too massive to NOT miss it. At every turn, we had people trying to take a snap shot of us.

Cue in the Lady Gaga song, “Paparazzi”.


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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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