Hello from HK

By the time this is post out,I should be with Fei, taking HK by storm by hitting the clubs. Seriously, I requested for a easy on the liver trip. And he planned for Ladies Night the min I touched down. My bestfriend, what can I say.


I cannot imagine what is in store for me, but I welcome the escape. A lot has happened within the weeks, of everything. As much as everyone is that curious, it is hard to tell what is actually going on. It is downright messy, but I am fighting on. I am not sure what I am doing is the right thing. But the one that he is right about would be that, “We are clingy to each other.”

He is leaving for M’sia too, for a planned relative wedding to attend. And I will be in HK, miles apart. Time to really think, analyse and feel.  I don’t know if I am losing him,or I am actually losing myself. The feeling is tiring, and terribly insecure. I simply do not know what to do, at all. I don’t know if I should start dating, and whether I should let him go. I don’t know if he has already started dating and that, everything is just an options.

Standstill, that is what we are.

But I am truly holding onto blind faith for both of us. Blind faith, is something that is new to me, and I don’t know why am I doing it. I never gamble, but for once I can really boldly say that this is the 1st ever gamble. I have always been a planner, but years after the terrible setback taught me to NEVER plan. #comewhatmay

And I am truly scared. I am not sure if this works.




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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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