Midweek: Dance, students, and a new lease of life


Woke up today feeling all so refreshed, even if it is an ungodly hour of 6.50am. And I am not complaining at all. Fantastic (: It was meant to be a good Wednesday morning, I miss those craziness so much. But the bus decided to break down, onto the way over, so it reminded me how much I hated morning rush hour.

Public transport is never reliable, so what is new.

I am thinking up of a storm, for next years SYF, should be exciting, provided I have the will to sit on my ass, painfully editing the music to my liking (something which I really hate). Costumes checked, accessories needed to be hunted down. Practise timing is also not set for the next year. But no matter, I am positive.

I have a lot more plan out, in my head of course. Now I just need to write up a proposal for the 2013 workplan. Now that will be an ass as well. How do you write dance? You tell me.

Oh yes, back into the gebiz again,looking into possible schools that I would like to undertake. Decemeber, who say that I am free. Hahaha (:

Recently,something just warms my heart, and pushed me further to do what I like. Who says the little things don’t matter, especially when my life is in a jumble mess.

Read about the recent article about me teaching the adult ballet. (: Click the link: http://www.intheloop.com.sg/articles/Usha_Das/usha_das_Dance_Dance_Revolution.php



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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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