Women; is a Banker, Biker, and a Ballerina

Such famous quote from Diane Von Furstenburg, that now becomes my own personal motto in life.

I was watching a dance documentary call “The Ballet School“. And I felt sad (maybe it is not the right vocabulary to use), I felt like something is missing no doubt. I recalled those days in Lasalle College  of the Arts, where I had so much life into me. Not because I knew what I was doing, but things didn’t matter, just only the present at that moment. At the point in my life, I did not know if dance will be my career, but I felt every joy and pain it brought me, throughout the 3 years in that very school.

And 4 years later, I still do not know if the path I have chosen is the right one for me, but at least it had not failed me in any way. As it brought me a lot of comfort, whenever I am down, alone and defeated.

I am that of a romanticist.

Last night was interesting, and asking me if I am okay did struck me, in a cord. I didn’t realised that I have changed ever so slightly. And it surprised me that you have noticed, for even I, did not at all. I guess, people do change, not before they wanted it, but time and experience taught them something.

Do you feel strange that the distance have been placed there, I thought about it last night. And boy, it sure do feel funny isn’t it. I think I have developed a habit in placing a distance in a snap of a finger. Hurt for too long, that I never realised that I have developed it til you mentioned it last night. Maybe hurt is too strong of a word, but I guess I am very numb, which is good, but yet strange at the same time.

Being the romanticist that I am, it is always difficult to hide my emotions. But over the 4 years since graduation, I have learnt to hide and mask, til at times I do not know who I am any more. This kind of feeling have started to wear me thin, that I broke down just slightly less that a month ago. My family was alarmed, no doubt. Haha.

But what can I do? Time to peel those mask one layer at the time. (:

Women, we are strong and I am a Ballerina.


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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