Merry Christmas

What a long pre-Christmas week.

Of catching up and meeting everyone that is dear and important to me. The year is coming to and end, and I feel so blessed, although this Christmas season is not exactly what I have in mind. But nonetheless, I am happy in between the tears and joy. What a strange experience, but it is okay.

What a good year, 2012 brings.

Work have been amazing, so many good opportunities to come. And more streaming in for the next year. Work never fails to make me smile and work harder to prove that while the world conforms, dance will always be my special hiding spot to express and grow and simply be different. Everyday, when everything fails me I thank God for the very decision I made for myself, and chose dance as my path.


No doubt, the family will always bring all the much need space and happiness into my life, yearly without fail. (: My small but absolutely loud hainan family have always bring forth laughter and love, no matter how far or how busy we are with our own tiny lives on this planet. My mother have always been so supportive with my crazy lifestyle, and even til the end when I met a few bumps here and there, she always tell me to that it will be okay. I am ever so grateful to you, for allowing me to be who I am and never hold back.

To those girlfriends that are there for you, for that every TGIF to that crazy holiday to Krabi together. And all our birthday celebrated and reminded that we are special together as a group. And among the craziness of drinking and merry-making, lies the strength of our friendship where the 1st group that I want to share and talk to are you people. No matter how different we are, and how different our job scope are to our massive age difference, we share, laugh and cry together.


To my beloved Dada, although we don’t and hardly meet or catch up, the Christmas season just brought us to the time we are all dancing together and having the same common goal in life. Our lives maybe separated, but you are never too far away from me. Catching up with you, and filling you in on my life, brought some tears and thought. And I am grateful to have you, on my side somehow even though we have largely a different school of thoughts on life.


James Tan Fei, that asshole that drives me crazy and annoyed most of the time. And yet it is the same asshole that house me in November when I suddenly booked a flight with no plans in mind, and neither did I have the right mind at the moment. And while I am all alone in HK, I found some comfort within myself, while walking alone on the streets of HK. My dear friend who at the end of the day, have so many similarities with me. We grew up together, in a way.


Lastly, I know it is random but to Andrew. Loving you was something unexpected and so surreal. I took this long to believe and you are the one who somehow broke the shell for me. A romantic who still believe in fairy tales, you do know me quite well. Sadly reality comes into play, and our differences are viewed and judged upon. But for all those short times we had together, us in our little bubble, I thank you, for bringing me to place less venture. To those quiet moments that are so dear and precious to us and to all those wonderful experience, that will be etched deep into my heart and soul. Our future is still messy and unclear, but one thing for sure, loving you was never a regret and letting go will be one of the hardest decision we made for ourselves.

557541_10151004098913795_571187228_nI love you.


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