Testimonials and growing up

I think it had finally hit me, I am officially out of the “forever young”, when you have to write a testimonial for your students entering the polytechnics. And not to mention, I think a group of them is going to graduate this coming May.

Scary shit.

I think this year, marks the 5th year of working in the education industry, and boy all the fulfilment and joy these students had filled me up with, and continued to fill is AMAZING. I don’t think I can have it any other way, but to look forward, work harder, and travel whenever I can.

Now if only, the SYF is set in place for me. I am running up and down to produce miracles. And seriously, miracles are not my best buddies, to be honest. Arghh, looking back at all my major turning point in life, I don’t think I have been best friends with lady luck too. Or in the love department, but no matter, onwards I go (:

Fridays are getting too mundane for me but, I can’t helped it but to feel extremely tired most of the time. Work piled up like bricks on my back, and I think my back is giving way and giving me problems. I slept through the whole bus ride to work, which is highly embarrassing for I got off after the driver parked his bus  -__-”

Talked about epic moments, my life never fail to shower me one or two every month.

Last night, was an emotional roadblock for me AGAIN (so what is new?). I think I still cared too much and well, it is hell of a good thing I did some drastic moves, on my part. Denise, just get on with the programme already and move on. Maybe that all annoying, in-your-face, poor little rich boy, got it all right. There is really no point to care anymore.


“If someone truly loves you, he will drop everything in a second just to spend time with you.”



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Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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