Easter Sunday


What an adventure, because of one person craving, the group had an impromptu JB adventure in search of amazing seafood and lok lok. Hahahaha and while in the midst of rain and angst, we found joy and laughter.

In that mere few hours, somehow I found an escape and just have some fun away from worries and insecurities. In those mere hours, I found some joy and courage to start eating again, and truly enjoy what is going into my mouth and taste the rich flavors. In those mere hours, I escape Singapore and forget about everything from work to life.

I finally could be myself somehow.

And come Sunday, the glorious Easter Sunday, I thought of the reality slowly flowing in. I tried so hard to wished everything away and fall back into my sleep, but I can’t seemed to do that. Waking up tired but determined, I texted my panda for SOS and he seemed to sense that I am not doing too okay recently. In his drunkard state, he came and made my day alive again with a lot of seriousness behind all the jokes and nonsense. And he saw me for being me.

A lonely girl.

And gave me some much needed htht without knowing what is going on.

He saw me behind all my masks, and all my broken smiles. And he knows. Hahaha I am his sayang after all. I guess maybe we have a fair bit of similarities, that’s why he understand. Age don’t make a man, but rather life experience aged oneself. I have to agree with him, I feel old because I am tired of trying so hard. I feel old be cause i have been through a lot, and hide too long. But I guess I can’t give up in believing. And I will continue to try.

Hang in there. It is Easter Sunday after all.

We still need to believe, to be alive


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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