TGIW; tonight we Raya

Last night I was a bit peeved by JK. Honestly, sometimes i wonder why i have girly guy friends, like as if James Tan is not enough, i have to handle another man’s #likeagirl nonsense. In all honestly, like you wouldn’t think that you will be late. And you expect me to wait for you? Ermmmmm, i sm sorry to say “NO!” Thank god Jason Choi is there it save the night, with a long amazing catch up. too much laughter, and a lot if gossip to catch up on.


ANYWAYS, Let the short week begin, by making tofu cheesecake in which I prayed that it turned out great. TGIW, will commence with John Kee, Xueting and Babeh. Hopefully we will last the night.. Truly, madly, really..

My both parents have been hinting a lot recently, but I think it is really not the time yet. Athough, they always say no pressure, but it isa pressure already just by hinting. I am still slightly uncertain. Hopefully we are stronger together, as a couple. (: Because I know, we can great together.

I can’t wait for his return, just another few more days… I miss his smell and his silliness, and every time I see all his pjs at my place, I had to laugh. Cause soon he is out of clothes at this rate of me “stealing” them. LOL


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