School Sept Holiday Week

What an amazing week, it had been. School holiday is in. A very much needed break from all my primary school enrichment classes. And I celebrated Teachers’ Day. It was nice to to still received tiny presents from the heart.

These few days, we had also spent a lot of quality time together. He have been showering every possible love he have to me, by cooking endlessly, simple dinners, talking non-stop, desserts and legs entanglement, every single night. I am in bliss really. It is really all those simple stuff that matters.

Monday, I met up with my Lasalle batch girls, and I am so happy to see that we have grown. It had been 8 long years ago, since we stepped into school together. And I am so happy to see what we have become, and where we have left our footprint (Although I think I am still very much lacking behind, compared to the rest). I am hoping to climb up further into my life, and follow closely into their footsteps (remembering that all the older than me, pretty much Mothers, married or having a fruitful career).


After all, I am still “Xiao Xiao” in everyones’ heart.

Today will be the second rehearsal, and I am ready to attempt dancing my ass off. LOL, hopefully tonight will be better than last wednesday. I am looking forward to 2013 to end, and begin a new year with less heartache, and more fulfillment.



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