South Africa Reload

Finally, I uploaded the South Africa pictures from the Nikon camera. And I can’t stop looking at those pictures over and over again. Looking at them, while missing you, made me smile silly. I recalled those beautiful seven days, of uncertainty. The uncertainty was kept at the back, when I took your hands and walked to the plane with you.


And just like that, we jet-away from our tiny country into the big and the wild.


The things I learn from observing you while working, from the haggling to the discussion. And the serious frown permanently plastered on your forehead while thinking hard and working hard.  You open my eyes to your world, and I appreciate it for letting me into your life, and understanding you a little better.


The places you brought me, stole every breathe I had. South Africa was simply so amazing and beautiful, with such an untouched and untapped raw beauty that I had never experience in a very long time. Everyday was magical, because I woke up in your arms, with you breathing softly into my head. It was bliss, literally. Everyday, the air was so clean and fresh. Everywhere we went was green and lush. And although South Africa may be a third-world country, South Africa brought me love, and peace and so much serenity.


This is so difficult to type, but those memories are so dear to me. Everyone view us as the sweet couple and that we are strong together, and virtually no worries or problems. But behind that layer, we are so much more. So much more problems, so much more pressing issues, simply just so much more that not many will see, know or understand.

Today is Mid-Autumn, and I see those mooncakes, sitting on my dinning table and I knew I am still unknown. It sits there reminding me that I have passed the moment, and served to remind me that it would be pretty much pointless to give those mooncakes to them.

I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way, but I can’t help it. It is a little saddening. Thank goodness for my family’s laughter tonight.


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