Halloween 2013

What a weekend it had been!!

Saturday had been massive. A long day celebrating my close friend’s joy and happiness. And naturally I got a little teary-eyed. It’s just believe you know, all this simple love and nothing more. And simple promises of loving each other to the end was simply gorgeous. They are simply made for each other.


Dancers will always be dancers. I thought we will be awkward around each other, but who knew, we went back into a full circle. Keeping up where we left from, just so close nitted, and nonsense. I guess at the end of the day, we returned being a big family.

Since Saturday is the Halloween night, what better way to end it but of course a huge banging party at the Butter Factory. Babeh and I walked slowly to One Fullerton, having a fair bit of HTHT. Which was nice, since everyone was feeling quite abit.

Once inside, it’s all hell break loose! Champagne all around, plus finally my best friend is out to play (in which we should really stop meeting just at the clubs).

Bottle culture, and pictures galore.

It was fun, although I am missing my love quite terribly. Emo-ed for awhile, because I heard my boy’s voice. Thank goodness, best friend is there to save the day as usual!

Love that old man!


When the foxes are out to play, what else can happen? Everything other thing! LOL


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