Lunar New Year 2014

We work hard. We fall hard.

So find something worth gambling your heart away.

Lunar New Year, have a quieter than usual. All of us are pretty much grown up and family is just that important (to me at least), as the years roll by and I get a tad older.

Having Andrew to celebrate lunar new year was so different from having James in my life. We (Andrew and I) were more mature and serious. It’s not about the crazy running around and visiting to proclaim our relationship, but rather, the significant immediate family visitation. The sign of respect and approval from those that matter.

We were hush hush and quiet but strong together as a team.

The weekend is all about my family and those who matter. And suddenly all the mayhem I used to have and enjoy just vanished and gone into the dust.

Normality and boring reside. But we still try to make something new out of everything old.

Holiday on a lunar new year was something very new to me. And with not just Andrew, But dear friend and brother (whom I called dearly as “Sister”) was simply amazing. No insane quarrel or any disagreement. Just simple getting along to is divine (seeing how my Korea trip near meltdown experience).

Simple is key.

But more importantly Bali was a healing trip for both me and Andrew. It helped because we had a bad argument.

Thank goodness, he used every strength and ability to rectify and be more self-aware about me being in the relationship. And I myself was also learning to be more vocal without the pettiness or anger.

Bali is indeed a land of peace and serenity. Bali help with the slow paced culture surrounding us reminding us of our initial stage of the relationship.

Bali we will be back for you.


PS: the CNY celebration continues with more houses visit and parties to attend. Talk about busy on the off week! Thank god I took the Sunday off to revitalize for the weeks ahead.


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