Do you remember, like it is yesterday.

The month of April.

It have always been a trying month, since the last year til now. It is really a trying month.

A month of tears, and joy at the time. A month of pain and memories. A month of madness and sanity. It is truly, a month to remember.

This year, it is less painful than the last. But we are just not quite there yet. But at least my love, is trying hard with me. Holding me even tighter, and give me that strong shoulder to lean on.

Not to mention all the surprises he install for me, every single day.


“I want you to be happy.”

But baby, I am at my happiest when I am with you.


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Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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