November looms

Recently, the weather is just pretty much insane. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. Many times, loving cause Andrew is here with me, every waking day.

At times, I think he drives me a little angry, a little nutty. But when work is over, we are back being us, dating and loving.

Work have been so hectic, that my teaching and social life have taken a huge backseat that it is close to disappointing. Like I still cannot comprehend why I have working here. The difficulty of learning a new trade is an another thing, it is the difficulty of keeping oneself genuinely happy is another. His family is so different from mine, always at their edge of their seats, always bickering, to the point of pure hate and anger. That’s so scary. Office without the parents is better, the actual unnecessary stress is not present, people are willing to work for each other, helping and laughing is the way of life. Work was done, but with great ease and speed, because no one stopped just to fight over a pointless, insignificant matter.

Life is Easier.

But we all know that good times don’t last.

SIDE NOTE: while I am typing this post onto my MacBook Air, I realised that I have missed my iPad, like seriously, it is the most saddest thing of date that happened to me. Thanks to the boy, who played games. LOL le sigh.



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