Clearing out all my old photos from my MacBook, and one by one all these old memories rushed back. 

Piercing and slicing through that broken heart. 

Sitting alone in my room, controlling those unfinished tears. 

Looking at those 3 years of memories of not just us, but the life around it. 

Just broke my heart all over again. 

That final photo of seeing my engagement ring and my wedding ring tears everything apart. 

Those haunting ghostly empty promises you eventually did not keep. 

Those horrid one year that you allow your family to unleash upon me. 

Just everything. 

It haunts me like an ever ending ghost story. 


Published by

Just another girl

Always thinking, always wondering. living everyday. She is standing strong for herself, looking forward and always try to be positive. Now, tell her something that she don't already know.

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