engaged who???

It is truly amazing to think that Ophelie is engaged (!!!) and she is like only 20. Ade was like saying that we should buck up since like we are technically older than her.

But seriously, engaged after 8mnths of flirting and 2mnths of serious dating. I am not sure I am that ready to take that huge leap of FAITH.

Anyways, wedding ain’t happening til like probably 2011 since both are just starting their career and stuff, and plus the planning and the flying of friends and family from S’pore to France (: Hopefully it would be a fantastic excuse to do the euro-tour that I always wanted.

Europe is simply romantically gorgeous.



Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder like what is karat of her ring???? or carrots as some mights add.



(: James kept telling me to update my blog, without realising that I have already shifted, which was quite silly and utterly funny. And I was silly enough to wonder why he kept telling me that when I am writing a new post every few days.

Anyways, I had already rendered in my LETTER OF RESIGANTION (:

I can now sigh in relief and look into other job aspect like secondary school, doing free-lancing. Mummy knew about it, but didn’t take it too lightly since she always wanted me to have a stable job. But I am tired of working on weekends, not being able to see friends and family.

Oh wells, life goes on.

On a happier note, James is starting his job next monday on the 24 Aug (: Only that I get to see a lot less of him, but never minds. What’s a guy without a job and status.


Anyways, James and I watched a movie marathon yesterday (: District 9 and Overheard. Both movie were quite thrilling, a bit of suspense here and there, quite a bit of gore in District 9 and a lot of maths in Overheard. Whatever it was I was left pretty overwhelmed.


I am thinking about abit of swimming tomorrow, but I know that I am pretty lazy. Probably if James drag me to a pool on Thursday, maybe I will.


I am meeting Mel tomorrow for a bit of hard-core booging (: LADIES NIGHT (!!!)

the long awaited.

I was coughing during these 5days, and it is not getting better ): Whatever it is, medication or strepsils, nothing is working. James was being very ‘motherly’ taking care of me, which was rather sweet of him. I did drive him insane a couple of times.

Anyways, despite me being sick, we went to Batam for half a day for seafood (: Tommy, Angela and Adeline tagged along. It was nice to be out of S’pore even though it was a uber short one. And plus, there was nothing to see and shop, except to eat (: I guess you only go there to relax, get away from the crowd and simply laze near the beach.

James was being silly the whole (:  ‘pushing’ Adeline’s button. We had a good laugh over the whole ‘shark and mouse’ thingy. Whats more, we were being stopped by a security guard at a mall in Batam for hugging (!!!) Come to think of it, it is quite funny.

Imagine this,

Sercurity guard waving her hands wildly, spitting rapid malayu that we do not understand. And we looking on blur, well I was actually frightened by the whole ordeal. HAHAHAS.

Not much pictures, but hopefully it will be up soonish.



AWWW, tomorrow is Wednesday. And I got to be up by 5am again. For the money.

hot ‘n’ cold all over

Basically my body simply died on me, after fighting for two whole weeks. I think it was the clubbing that finally killed it. Nothing much to say, except a big fat 2days MC. It would be more if there wasn’t any public holidays.

i was supposed to like meet LOVELY but I couldn’t pull myself out of bed. So I texted her, and knocked out again after medication. I felt bad (!!!)

LOVELY, I will do a make-up asap (: plus ladies night. I LOVE YOU. And I am like super sorry if you didn’t get my text msg, I feel doubling fucking bad ):


Anyways as I was sleeping through the headaches and coughs, James called like 3plus in the morning and demanded that I am not allowed to head over his place after 11pm, unless he picked me up. Apparently, his working colleague was almost being raped by an asshole (!!!)

THAT WAS FREAKING (!!!)  And it happened like near James block.

Given James’scharacter, I can imagine when he told me how he wanted to bash the fellow up. The IC had to hold him down and control him. You can’t blame him when he is lacking of sleep and what more, it happened near his place, plus it was his working colleague. Thank goodness, the fellow was instantly napped since there were like 2 witnesses.

Whatever it was, he was back like 8am I think, not sure. And what’s more was that his working colleague was pretty much stubborn and wanted to not press charges (!!!) And she is still back to work. I think that she is seriously traumatized, that she is pretty much whacked.


And now he is burning a fever from the all-nighter.

DOUBLING with you :)

Finally I met up with Ting, Shihui and Melanie (: and someone new, Nancy. I am so fuck happy.

 But last night was very packed, that the re-entry quene was long. And there were too many Caucasians for the night (!!!) They are the worst of the lot, being fucking rude and utterly irritating. At the ladies’ bar, we had to cat-fight with the fucking enormous Caucasians. Shihui was the great (: Not to mention last night music was horrendous and blandly boring.

Whatever it was, at least I had a fantastic company that knows how to act drunk, SELF-HIGH and elbow stupid guys.

And James was there as well (: Double yay-ness for me. We were waltzing in a club. HAHAHAHS, which was very funny. I was to learn salsa (: I was already a little tipsy and very tired since I was up and running since 5.15am with only a 3hrs sleep the night before.

Had dim sum thereafter and was back by 4plus (!!!)


I am quite contented, now waiting for Lovely’s and Wanjie’s school holiday(:

If only you knew

So anyways, I have been under the weather for almost two weeks now. And being sick wasn’t helping the situation. And obviously I had been thinking of giving up and just take a serious break. I think that people can feel it, since I have never been this fucking emo for the longest time.

The other time was during the difficult period in Lasalle. That shall not be commented since I have decided to fuck the thing and forget. I was messed up, seriously.

Whatever it is, I have decided and made a choice. But it is only when should I execute my decision. probably mid-August. I need to be happy AGAIN. People who knows me, would know that I am ruled by emotion. Sometimes, even blinded by it. But you know, that is me (:

Talked to Fanny about it, and she agreed and supported my decision. I am so glad, she even told me to enjoy and be happy.




Anyways,  James was sweet to ride down to pass me my cds that I have bought from HMV yesterday. And gosh, cds are expensive but I have no choice, since I had to buy it for work.

We wanted to have some dinner, but alas, James had to zip back to work ): Well at least, he bought something. While I did not! Never mind, take it that I am saving.

I have been good recently, didn’t even spend a single dollar on clothes and shoes. While James had been on a spending rampant (:

By the way, I am teaching 7.45am tomorrow (!!!)

At Yumin Primary School at Tampines. I am not sure why I agreed on the job, but hey (: , it is for the extra cash. Whatever it is, it is simply too late to back out. I need to wake up by 5.30am and set off by 6.15am since I am sure with my bad sense of directions…